Antler Jewelry Holder

Antler Jewelry Holder

An antler jewelry holder makes a perfect addition to the home of an outdoors person with lots of jewelry to both show off and keep within easy reach.

Durable and Realistic Antler Home Decor

This replica antler jewelry stand from Mountain Mike's Reproductions is perfect for hanging necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, and more. It is cast in durable resin from a real deer antler and has been meticulously colored for realism. The base is an inverted elk antler pedicle, and it connects to an antler of a deer sporting 8 points on its single, left side. Buy an Antler Jewelry Holder

Perfectly Sized Antler Jewelry Holder

At fifteen inches high, ten inches wide, and seven inches deep (15" x 10" x 7"), it's perfect for the top of a dresser, nightstand or counter. The basic 4 point antler also sports 4 other non-typical points, giving you several places to hang lots of jewelry from. antler jewelry stand by Mountain Mike's Reproductions Show off your favorite accessories with this antler jewelry holder from Mountain Mike's.

Display Jewelry Within Easy Reach Using Deer Antler

Sometimes antlers that have a lot of points are too large to realistically decorate a dresser top and serve as a jewelry holder. The larger the antler, the thicker the tines can be as well. Yet, an antler that's too small can be prone to falling or tipping over under weight of jewelry. Mountain Mike's has carefully and thoughtfully planned out this ideal size antler jewelry holder so it's just the right size for both decorating and being a well functioning product no matter your chosen location of this antler home decor product.

Express Your Passion for the Outdoors with Antler Home Decor

As outdoors women & men, don't we automatically feel a certain level of comfort when entering a home decorated with deer antlers? An immediate connection is felt. Conversations start easily. This shared love for the outdoors, conservation, and hunting brings people together! Antler home decor like this antler jewelry holder is an outward expression of your love and support of the outdoors.

Other Great Antler Decor

Your home has many rooms, so why stop at just this antler jewelry holder (stand)? Mountain Mike's offers a full line of antler home decor products for the homeowner wanting a rustic look that expresses their passion for the outdoors. Looking for a towel rack made of replica deer antler? How about a faux antler toilet paper holder? Whether it's a getaway cabin in the mountains, your summer fishing cottage, or your everyday home, look to Mountain Mike's Reproductions for realistic faux antler home decor products that bring the outdoors inside!