Antler Wine Rack

Antler Wine Rack

An antler wine rack is a perfect addition to the home of an outdoors lover with a taste for wine.

Durable and Realistic Antler Home Decor

This replica antler wine rack from Mountain Mike's Reproductions will display up to three average bottles of wine. It is cast in durable resin from a real deer antler and has been meticulously colored for realism. The rack is a single, right antler sporting five typical points and two non-typical stickers off the base and brow tine. Buy an Antler Wine Rack

Perfectly Balanced Antler Wine Rack

At twelve inches high, fourteen inches wide, and eight inches deep (12" x 14" x 8"), it's perfect for the kitchen or bar countertop. The basic 5 point antler also sports 2 other non-typical points, giving you ideal pockets to hang wine bottles from. antler wine rack Love wine and the outdoors? This replica antler wine rack from Mountain Mike's is the perfect home decor for showing off your love of both!

Display Wine Bottles Within Easy Reach Using Faux Deer Antler

It takes a truly unique, real deer antler to have just the right properties for balancing multiple wine bottles. Sometimes, Mother Nature's work needs just a little bit of tweaking to get an ideal product for the home. Mountain Mike's Reproductions combine's God's creations with some artistic ability of their own to bring you the ideal size and shaped replica deer antler that both decorates and functions as a great antler home decor product.

Expressing Passion for the Outdoors with Antler Home Decor

As outdoorsmen and women, when we enter a home decorated with deer antler, isn't there just an immediate connection and level of comfort? Conversations start easily. People are brought together by this mutual respect and love for conservation and the outdoors. This antler wine rack is yet another expression of love and support for an outdoor lifestyle.

Other Great Antler Decor

Why stop with just the wine rack when your house has many rooms? Mountain Mike's offers a full line of antler home decor products for the homeowner wanting an outdoor theme that expresses their passion for nature. Looking for a towel rack made of replica deer antler? How about a faux antler toilet paper holder? Whether it's a getaway cabin in the mountains, your summer fishing cottage, or your everyday home, look to Mountain Mike's Reproductions for realistic faux antler home decor products that bring the outdoors inside!