Antler Cross

Antler Cross

faux antler cross - replica antler cross by Mountain Mikes The Holy Shed replica antler cross is an expression of both your Faith and your love of the outdoors. Buy one now. Are you looking for an antler cross to express both your Christian faith and love for the outdoors? Maybe you’re looking for great gifts for hunters under $50 (for Father’s Day or Christmas) and a chance to spread the Gospel of Christ? Mountain Mike’s Reproductions offers the Holy Shed, a beautiful, faux antler, shaped like a cross. Buy Antler Cross Buy Mini Antler Cross  

The Legend of the Holy Shed Antler Cross

In northern California, where Mountain Mike’s was founded, rumors abounded of a buck that sported “divine” looking head gear. Supposedly its antlers were shaped like a cross. We put our best efforts towards finding this deer, or at least its sheds. Well, the rumor is now legend! We have reproduced a shed antler cross to share with followers of Christ and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. antler cross - faux antler cross - buck with cross shaped antlers Rumors abound of a buck with divine, cross-shaped headgear.

Symbolism of the Points on this Antler Cross

For someone not familiar with the Gospel, this cross represents a great opportunity to share the good news of Christ with visitors to your home. We have symbolized the non-typical points on this antler crucifix.
  • The bottom sticker near the base represents the spike through Christ’s feet.
  • The sticker in the middle represents the spear to Christ’s side.
  • The right side’s sticker represents the spike through Jesus’ hands.
  • Symbolizing the crown of thorns is the small sticker point coming off the top tine.

Durable Realistic Faux Antler Cross

This replica antler cross is cast in durable resin and meticulously colored for maximum realism. The original, Holy Shed antler cross is thirteen inches wide by seventeen inches high and comes with a built-in hanger so it’s easy to put on your wall. There is also a mini Holy Shed antler cross available. This smaller version is great on rear-view mirrors in automobiles, and it’s also a great Christmas ornament!

Share the Gospel

As outdoors women & men, we often feel an immediate level of comfort when entering a home decorated with deer antlers. Conversations start easily. An antler cross like the Holy Shed, which represents the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ, serves as a great opportunity to share His gift with guests that may not know or believe.

Other Great Antler Home Decor from Mountain Mike's

Why stop at just this antler cross when your home has many rooms? Buy more than one, or check out Mountain Mike’s full line of antler home decor products. Express your love of the outdoors with a bath towel rack made of replica deer antler or a faux antler toilet paper holder! Whether it's a getaway cabin in the mountains, your summer fishing cottage, or your everyday home, look to Mountain Mike's Reproductions for realistic faux antler home decor products that bring the outdoors inside!