Taxidermy Kits

Taxidermy Kits

Taxidermy kits are a great way to get your feet wet learning taxidermy! Kits for taxidermy mean someone has already thought through all the major steps and taxidermy supplies necessary to complete a project. If you’re like me, I often agonize over exactly what supplies to buy when I’m starting a new hobby. In taxidermy, a great way to start is with something simple, like a skull mount or an antler mount kit. This article is going to discuss a few great do-it-yourself taxidermy kits that will get you a great looking mount on your wall in very little time.

Skull Master European Mount Taxidermy Kits

european skull mount kit for deer - universal skull master kit by mountain mikes The Skull Master by Mountain Mike's Reproductions is a better way of making european mounts with your deer antlers. These taxidermy kits are easy and affordable. No beetles, no boiling, no mess!

Replica Skull Kits Provide a Better Way

Mike Bartholdy went through the painful reality of the fragility in real skull mounts when his daughter and her friends busted all the noses off his prized euro mounts. Never again, Mike said, so he embarked on a mission to design a realistic, durable, european mount kit for deer that anyone could assemble in a short amount of time. The result is the Skull Master european mount kit for deer (and elk too!).

Euro Skull Taxidermy Kit Basic Instructions

The Skull Master is an injection molded, durable plastic deer skull taxidermy kit that was modeled from 3D scans of real deer skulls. It comes in 2 pieces; a top section and a bottom section. The basic process is to attach the antlers to the top section, then screw the bottom section to the top section, hang it up, and enjoy! The pedicles are built into the skull, so this kit is made for antlers that are detached from the skull plate. Either cut them off flush just below the burr, or you can even use shed antlers! This skull taxidermy kit has everything you need for a great looking mount, including; 1 replica skull, screws (for attaching the antlers), and gap filler (to hide any seam between the top and bottom sections).

Video How to Mount Deer Antlers with a Replica Skull Kit

With any taxidermy project, a little extra time and effort can really ensure an amazing outcome. Here’s owner, Mike Bartholdy, demonstrating the use of Skull Master taxidermy kits. Better yet, you can take your results to another level and age the skull or even paint or hydro dip it (or buy a pre-dipped skull here).

Record Keeper Taxidermy Kits

If the idea of separating your deer antlers from the skull plate doesn’t appeal to you, fear not. There is another taxidermy kit for you! Record Keeper skull taxidermy kits have a notch behind the eye sockets of the top section, allowing you to connect your own skull plate and antlers. Then you use the included epoxy putty to sculpt and blend the transition from bone to replica deer skull. Paint it to match the skull with the included touch up paint, hang and enjoy! Here’s a great video with more information on the Record Keeper taxidermy kits. taxidermy skull mounts with Record Keeper kit from Mountain Mike's Record Keeper taxidermy kits allow you to attach your antlers with the skull plate still intact. All necessary materials are supplied. Contact us if you ever have questions!

Antler Mounting Kits

antler mounting kit for deer Mounting deer antlers on a plaque is a great way to get started with taxidermy. All necessary materials are provided, along with easy to follow instructions. Contact us if you ever have questions as you're working. One of the best taxidermy kits to get you started in taxidermy is to mount a set of antlers on a plaque. Mountain Mike’s offers several antler mounting kits that make it easy for you. These taxidermy kits include a plaque, antler cover, screws, and hardware…everything you need other than a few tools. Follow the simple instructions and you’ll be mounting antlers like the pro taxidermists in no time!

Turkey Taxidermy Kits

How do you mount a turkey fan on a plaque? What preservation steps are necessary so that the tail doesn’t rot? Well, the turkey taxidermy kits from Mountain Mike’s will be with you every step of the way. Here’s a look at our instruction sheet so you can see what tools and steps are involved. Mountain Mike’s turkey fan mounting kits include a plaque, beard holder caps, leatherette cover, and all necessary hardware. turkey fan plaque - turkey beard display plaque Mounting a turkey fan to a plaque and displaying the beard is a great project for someone wanting to do some taxidermy. Mountain Mike's turkey fan kits come with everything necessary to complete a great looking mount, along with instructions. Whether you’re a deer hunter, turkey hunter, or elk hunter, Mountain Mike’s Reproductions has easy, do it yourself (DIY) taxidermy kits that will allow you to make great looking, long lasting mounts from your hard earned trophies. Shop our DIY taxidermy kits now.