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European Mount Kit for Shed Antlers or Antlers Detached from Antler Plate

Have you been looking for an alternative way of displaying your trophy buck's antlers? Is the cost of a shoulder mount or real european mount prohibitive? Unhappy with the durability of real skull mounts? Worried about leaving your antlers with someone else for months on end? Do it yourself with a Mountain Mike's Skull Master european mount kit! The Skull Master kit requires antlers that are detached from the antler plate, so you either need to cut each of your antlers off below the burr (tip: measure the spread first), or they are awesome for shed antlers! If you don't want to cut your antlers off the skull plate, no problem, just use our Record Keeper european mount kit instead! You'll drill a hole up into the base of each antler, and attach them to the top section of the skull kit using the screws provided. Attach the top section of the skull to the bottom, hang it on the wall, and enjoy! Don't worry, detailed instructions are included.

More Affordable than a Shoulder Mount

A good shoulder mount (head mount) of a deer is going to cost at least $500, and they take up a lot of space. Why not mix in a few european mounts in that trophy room? For less than $50, it's a no brainer...pun intended!

Durable European Mounts!

Mountain Mike's reproduction deer skulls are made of durable, injection molded plastic that won't shatter into a million pieces like a real deer skull if it's dropped. And trust me, if you have a european mount for a long time, at some point it will get dropped! These skulls are scanned from the real thing, so they're extremely realistic, and you can have peace of mind knowing they'll last forever! Oh, and if you're worried about your mount falling off the wall, check out our Positioner hanging bracket!

How to Order the Right Size European Mount Kit

Our Skull Master kit (for deer) comes in 3 sizes; small, medium, and large. Measure the base of your deer's antlers just above the burr. You want to fit your antler on a skull so that the burr is slightly outside of (overhanging) the pedicle on the skull (see photo below). Our small kits fit antlers 4" in circumference or less. Medium kits fit antlers greater than 4" and less than 5". Large kits fit antlers greater than 5". The pedicles can be sanded or grinded to fit smaller antlers if need be. pedicle sizing information - correct vs wrong Ideally, the burr of your deer's antler should overhang the skull's pedicle by a little bit. You do not want it even with or outside of the burr.

Faster Than Waiting for the Taxidermist

You can literally go from a fresh harvest to enjoying a finished mount on the wall in the same day with a Mountain Mike's European mount kit! Spare yourself the anxiety of being without your prized antlers and trusting someone else with your trophy for months and months.

No More Stinking Up the House!

Using beetles or boiling real deer skulls comes with several risks; beetles getting loose, awful smells, brittle bone, long hours, harmful chemicals (bleach), grease bleed, and more. Because the Skull Master is a replica deer skull kit, those negatives are gone and your significant other will thank you for it!


Great Alternative to the Old Fashioned Plaques

We all need some antlers on plaques, right? But why not try some cool European mounts! They add variety and style to any trophy room, and Mountain Mike's European mount kits look great, won't stain or break, and are easy to do yourself!

Select the size base on the circumference of your antlers. Small is for antler bases less than 4" in circumference at the base (not including the burr). Medium is for antler bases from 4" to 5" in circumference. Large is for antler bases 5" in circumference or more. The Universal size comes with a Large and Small top plate to help you choose the plate that best fits your antler.