Sherpa Pack Vest

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Most meat packs load only on your back, creating an unbalanced load! They make you "back-heavy", and it can hurt, right? Why not balance the load front and back with the Sherpa pack vest from Mountain Mike's! Let's say you have 150 pounds of fresh elk meat to get off the mountain (congrats by the way, He-Man)... 75 lbs in front and 75 in back will feel MUCH better than all 150 on your back! And, by the way, if you happen to stumble, that balanced load is going to keep you from tumbling backwards down the mountain. Now, this vest can double as a hunter safety vest, but it's primary purpose is a sturdy, compactible, meat packing vest. As just a hunter safety vest, it's not going to be your supple, thin (easy to tear), cheap vest you pickup for $4. It's thicker and noisier than those, (built to last) but in a pinch, it'll keep you legal. We just don't want you getting mistaken for live game when hauling out your dead game! So why not make it easier on yourself and pack out smarter! Save yourself a trip back to camp for your frame pack by carrying this compactible meat packing vest (I bet you thought compactible was spelled compactable, right? Me too!) Try one load with your traditional backpack and one with our Sherpa pack vest... we think you'll notice less weight with ours. Good luck in the woods guys!