Boaris, Mini Replica Boar Skull Ornament 6pk

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Meet Boaris! This is our newest in our line of replica skull products. Boaris is a miniature, replica (faux) wild boar skull with hinged jaws that “pop” like a real, raging Russian boar when bounced. Boaris makes a great rearview mirror decoration. A bumpy ride will get him riled up! He’s also a perfect Christmas ornament for the outdoorsman with a place in his heart for hog hunting! Made of durable resin and colored true to life, we’re proud to offer Boaris in our line of replica skulls here at Mountain Mike’s. This faux boar skull measures approximately 2.75″ x 2″ x 1.5″ and includes a hemp string for easy hanging. Comes in a pack of 6.