Antler Cross - Mini Holy Shed

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The Legend of the Holy Shed

In northern California, where Mountain Mike’s was founded, rumors once spread of a buck that sported “divine” looking head gear shaped like a cross. We put our best effort into finding this deer, or at least his sheds. Well, that rumor is now legend! We have reproduced a shed antler cross to share with followers of Christ and outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Points on the Holy Shed are Symbolic of Christ's Crucifixion

For someone not familiar with the Gospel, this cross represents a great opportunity to share the good news of Christ with visitors to your home. The various non-typical points on the cross represent the different elements of Jesus' crucifixion.
  • The bottom sticker near the base represents the spike through Christ’s feet.
  • The sticker in the middle represents the spear to Christ’s side.
  • The right side’s sticker represents the spike through Jesus’ hands.
  • Symbolizing the crown of thorns is the small sticker point coming off the top tine.
This mini antler cross is cast in durable resin and meticulously colored for maximum realism. The original Holy Shed antler cross is 13x17. This mini Holy Shed is 3.5" x 2.75" and comes with a hemp string for easy hanging.