Record Keeper European Mount Kit for Elk

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European Mount Kit for Elk Antlers Attached to the Skull Plate

Congratulations! You've killed an awesome bull elk and would like to make sure it keeps its qualifications for the record books! You can create an awesome looking european mount all by yourself in a short amount of time with the Record Keeper european skull mounting kit for elk from Mountain Mike's. The record keeper kit features a notched top section of the skull for attaching your elk antlers to. The antlers must already be attached to a skull plate to use this kit. If your antlers are detached from the skull plate or if you're wanting to mount shed elk antlers, then try our Skull Master european mount kit for elk.

Cheaper Than a Shoulder Mount

A good shoulder mount (head mount) of an elk is going to cost at least $800, and they take up a lot of space. Why not mix in a few european mounts in that trophy room? For less than $150, it's a no brainer!

More Durable Than a Real Skull

Mountain Mike's reproduction elk skulls are made of a durable, injection molded plastic that won't shatter like a real elk skull if it's dropped. And trust us, if you have a european mount for a long time, at some point it will get dropped! These elk skulls look just like the real thing, and you have peace of mind knowing they'll last forever! By the way, if you're worried about your mount falling off the wall, check out our large Positioner hanging bracket!

Faster Than Waiting for the Taxidermist

Do-it-yourself and spare the anxiety of trusting someone else with your trophy elk antlers for months and months! You can create your own european skull mount very quickly and be enjoying your mount on the wall the same day!

Cleaner Than Beetles or Boiling!

Because you're using a replica elk skull kit, you don't have the risk, smell and mess associated with beetles and boiling. Now, we will say that with the Record Keeper kit, since you're using the real skull plate, it's not a bad idea to boil the skull plate for about 30 minutes to ensure that it's super clean and free of meat & tissue, but this is not mandatory if you do a good job cleaning it and let it thoroughly dry.

Cooler Than the Old Fashioned Plaques

We all need some antlers on plaques, but hey, european mounts are cool! Why not add some variety to that trophy room by making your own european elk mount! Oh, and if you do prefer the more traditional style, check out our awesome lineup of antler mounting plaques!