Film Dipping European Mounts of Deer Skulls

Film Dipping European Mounts of Deer Skulls

Looking for a dipped euro skull to mount your antlers on? Maybe you're wanting to hydro dip your own deer skull? Want to understand more about how to hydro dip a deer skull? Here's some info about film dipping skulls (some call it camo dipping) and dipped film skull products that are available out there for the do it yourselfer.

What is Hydro Dipping (Film Dipping)?

Hydro dipping, also known as film dipping, is a process of laying a decorative film in a large bath of water, spraying it with an activator, and then dipping an object in it. The pattern gets permanently afixed to the object and looks amazing if done well! This is the process used to camouflage most firearms, optics, etc. We use it on our euro skull mount kits to offer more variety to the do it yourselfer that wants a great looking mount at an affordable price! Most common patterns used are some sort of camouflage, but our american flag pattern has been a big hit with our patriotic customers! What better way to show off your pride as an American hunter than with a european mount dipped in an American flag pattern!

Skull Master Film Dipped European Mount Kits

Our Skull Master model kits are the only ones that can receive hydro dipping because the antlers must be detached from their pedicles. The pattern must be dipped ahead of time so of course we cannot dip a skull plate after the fact on our Record Keeper. But, if you do want a dipped pattern on our Record Keeper skull, mount it up, and consider doing a hydro dip of the finished mount yourself, or I would take it to an awesome hydro dipper near me like Wisconsin Hydrographics in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Want to Camo Dip Your Own European Skull?

We believe hydro dipping is best done on replica (counterfeit) skulls because real skulls come with a risk of grease bleed over time. But if you do a great job, there's no reason you cannot film dip a real deer skull too and have it last a long time! Here's a great video on how to hydro dip a deer skull yourself with a do it yourself camo dip kit from

Product Review of American Flag Dipped Euro Skull Kit

We had a happy customer send us this great product review of our new American Flag "Respect" dipped skull kit, so we thought we'd share their video with you. Our Skull Master skull kits are available in several pre-dipped (hydro dipped or film dipped) patterns, or get a white one and you can dip or paint one yourself! Thanks, Ike's Outdoors for your support of Mountain Mike's!

Share Your Hydro Dipped Skull Mounts with Us

Now you know more about hydro dipping products. Isn't it cool? There are so many patterns and designs available in dipping films, the sky's the limit! Be sure to send us a photo of your hydro dipped skull mount and you could win a free Mountain Mike's skull mount kit in our best mount contest!