European Mount Kits for Axis Deer

European Mount Kits for Axis Deer

We get occasional emails asking if Mountain Mike's has a euro mount kit for axis deer... well, here’s your answer! This awesome skull mount is on a Mountain Mike’s Record Keeper deer skull! Though modeled after whitetail deer, mule deer, and blacktail deer, this skull kit works great for axis deer too! If you want to do an axis deer euro mount, buy one of our Skull Master or Record Keeper kits today! axis deer european mount kit If you have an axis deer to mount, just use either our Skull Master or Record Keeper European mount kit!

Mount Shed Antlers of Axis Deer

The Mountain Mike's Skull Master kit is our kit for use with shed antlers or antlers that have been detached flush at the pedicle. Axis deer sheds will look great on this replica skull! What you'll do is pre-drill each antler base, then attach the top section of the skull with the screws provided. Fine-tune the rotation of the antlers to your liking, then secure tightly and attach the bottom section to the top with provided screws. Tip: If your antlers aren't detached from the skull plate yet, measure the spread so you can reference this measurement when attaching the antlers.

Keep the Record Book Status of your Axis Deer

The Record Keeper kit for deer is our answer to those that would not want to separate their axis deer antlers from the skull plate. This replica deer skull has a notch in the top section so you can attach the skull plate and antlers. Then you'll use the provided epoxy putty to sculpt in the voids. Paint with matching paint provided, and hang your trophy for all to see!