Deer Shed Mounting Ideas

Deer Shed Mounting Ideas


What Can I do with all these Shed Deer Antlers?

Spring is the time of year for shed antler hunting! Are you looking for some deer shed mounting ideas so you can show off all that bone you found? This article will describe a few great options for displaying shed deer antlers. deer shed mounting ideas There are lots of great deer shed mounting ideas out there if you're looking for a creative way to display the sheds you've found. This replica skull made for an awesome mount with these giant whitetail sheds!

Make an Age Progression Plaque with Sheds from the Same Buck

Those of us that are really addicted to hunting deer often develop a history with particular bucks. Learning a buck’s home range can lead to finding multiple years of its sheds. When you find more than one year’s sheds from a buck, it can be cool to display the age (and hopefully size) progression of them on a plaque. The icing on the cake, of course, would be to someday display the shoulder mount of the buck once you finally harvest him!

European Mount Kits are a Great Deer Shed Mounting Idea

European mounts are extremely popular and an awesome way to display a buck’s antlers. But shed antlers don’t come with a skull! Well, now they can with a replica skull european mount kit from Mountain Mike’s Reproductions. The Skull Master kit is ideal for sheds because they require antlers that are not attached to a skull plate. Sheds are perfect for this. You’ll drill a hole up into the base of each shed antler and attach them with the included screw in the kit. In about 15 minutes, you can have a great looking european mount with your shed antlers! european mount kits for deer skulls - dipped camo dipped flag Mountain Mike's Skull Master european mount kit are perfect for shed deer antlers! Just drill, fasten, hang, & enjoy. No beetles, no boiling, no mess! Buy a Skull Master now.

Shoulder Mount with Replica Skull Plate and Spare Cape

shed spreader replica deer skull plate Shed antlers can easily be attached to a replica skull plate and then mounted to either an antler plaque or even on a full shoulder mount using a spare deer cape. Okay, what if the neighbor got your buck and he’s no longer “on the market”? Some guys might still want a shoulder mount of that buck if they have a good set of sheds from it. You can buy a replica skull plate and mount the antlers to it. Then just pickup a spare cape (ask your taxidermist) and do a shoulder mount of it.

Make Rattling Antlers from Your Deer Sheds

This might not fall under deer shed mounting ideas, but another great use for deer sheds is to make them into rattling antlers. Find a decent 8-10 point, cut off the brow tines, then wrap the bases in paracord, connecting the two antlers with about 3 feet of paracord between them so you have room to slam and bang them around and cause all kinds of ruckus when you try to rattle in your next buck. The paracord keeps them together and gives you something to hang them from.

Create Novelty Sculptures with your Shed Deer Antlers

If you’re a quantity guy when it comes to shed deer antlers, you might artfully stack or “sculpt” them into the shape of something (Christmas tree?) or just a design column or arch. Occasional shed finders need not apply here, this is for the obsessed shed hunter who has too many to count! deer shed mounting ideas - antler christmas tree If you really want to step up your game with shed deer antler mounting, sculpt a Christmas tree from your findings! Photo and work of art by MacPhail Studio. Awesome work, Dan!

Custom Antler Handle Knives from Sheds

Other great deer shed mounting ideas include making your prized antler into a knife handle. Be selective and look for one that has a great, natural fit to your hand. Then find yourself a custom knife maker and work with him on creating the knife of your dreams. Or, watch 30 minutes of YouTube and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of knowledge to whip out a gem of a knife yourself. deer shed mounting ideas - antler handle knife By a skilled artist like Rapid River Knifeworks, shed antlers can be crafted into beautiful custom knives.

Cabinet and Door Handles from Deer Sheds

Shed antlers can be mounted to cabinetry and doors! They make excellent natural handles. With no two exactly alike, you’re guaranteed some unique home decor. Ideal shed antlers for handles have a nice arch to the main beam or tines. Beams need not be from large, mature bucks, but if you’re using tines, they’ll probably need to be on the longer side. Pre-drilling is important when you go to install them. antler handles on dresser - deer shed mounting ideas Shed deer antlers make amazing, unique handles on quality custom furniture like this gorgeous dresser made by Colorado Log Furniture.

Antler Lamps and Chandeliers from Shed Deer Antlers

Last but not least, great deer shed mounting ideas have to include antler lamps and chandeliers! The beauty of warm, soft light interacting with the myriad of shapes of antlers in a chandelier accent the home of the outdoorsman like nothing I’ve ever seen. And, what could be better than an end table antler lamp or antler floor lamp from sheds you personally found. Pinterest and YouTube have amazing help available if you want to make something like this yourself, or you can check out expert businesses like the Antler Chandelier & Lighting Company and Hill Country Antler Art. antler chandelier made from shed deer antlers There's nothing quite as striking as an antler chandelier. Take your shed antler displays to the next level by creating your own (youtube it) or buy them pre-made from great retailers like Black Forest Decor. Now there’s no excuse for tossing your shed deer antlers in a box in the garage. You have lots of great deer shed mounting ideas now, so hit the woods and find some bone. We’re kinda partial to the european mount kit idea so give it a look and call or email us anytime if you have questions!