Antler Paper Towel Holder

Antler Paper Towel Holder

An antler paper towel holder brings a traditional, outdoor feel to any kitchen, bath, or workshop, and will express your passion for hunting to visitors you welcome into your home. Antler home decor like this is a popular way of representing your outdoor passion. Mountain Mike's Reproductions makes it easy to decorate your house or cabin with its full line of durable, realistic, replica antler decorations for the home. Buy Antler Paper Towel Holder Now

antler paper towel holder by Mountain MIke'sBeautiful Home Decor in Replica Antler

The best replica antler home decor is durable, realistic, and perfectly designed for its function. Faux antler is either custom sculpted and replicated or it's molded and cast from real antler. This allows the artist the ability to design antler decor that is shaped exactly as desired. The result is antler home decor that is balanced and performs perfectly, while looking great and being durable.

Faux Antler Means Perfectly Sized and Balanced Antler Paper Towel Holder

At twelve inches wide, by eighteen inches high and ten inches deep, this antler paper towel holder by Mountain Mike's is perfectly tuned for dispensing your preferred brand of paper towels or shop towels. The base is a faux, four point deer antler set tines down. The pedicle and several tines have flat ends that allow perfect contact and balance with the surface it rests on. Resting on the base antler is the next component of the antler paper towel holder, the vertical antler post. If you look at enough deer antlers, you'll know that very few are long and straight, a requirement of the vertical post needed for an antler paper towel holder. Mountain Mike's has meticulously sculpted and reproduced its own straight, antler post. This allows the paper towel to be placed over it so it rests on the base antler. The two pieces are connected easily with the included screw. Once the paper towel is added, secure the paper towel by connecting the top pedicle piece to the vertical antler post.

Antler Decorating Ideas

We all love Pinterest for decorating ideas, and decorating with antler is extremely popular. But finding just the right real deer antler to make what you want can be a challenge! Even when you do, cutting them and designing with them can be time consuming and unforgiving. You only get one chance to make it "fit just right". Trust the experts at Mountain Mike's for replica antler decor that looks great and performs its intended function flawlessly. Buy Antler Paper Towel Holder Now

Antler Paper Towel Holder for Any Room in Your Home

Permanent under the cabinet paper towel holders are just that...permanent. Paper towel holders that rest on a countertop are portable! You are not committed to a single location. Just move it to whichever counter or whichever room in your house it is most needed. Kitchens are the obvious location for paper towel holders, but these replica antler products look great and perform perfectly well in bathrooms, workshops, man caves, and bars. Whether in your home, cabin, lodge, restaurant, cottage, or business, choose Mountain Mike's Reproductions for great, replica antler home decor products like the antler paper towel holder.